My Dreads Journey
Welcome to my personal blog! I'm Jade Flanagan :) I'm 21, single, and from Montana. I love snowboarding, my dreadlocks, & drawing. I'm also an aspiring filmmaker. Any questions, just ask :) Hope you like my blog!
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irrelephant-hippie says:
Hey I was curious what method you used for your dreads?

I used the twist and pull method :)

Yep…selfie at work haha

I still love my tattoo. So proud it was my idea and design! Also, if you didn’t know, I took my dread extensions out 4 months ago. Now its all my hair. And my dreads turn 11 months next week! :D

Worked yesterday on Christmas day. I love being a Lifty. I got the Palisades Quad for my first time, too :)

I’ve been hiking Red Lodge Mountain so I can snowboard before the lifts start running in 5 days. I can’t wait to snowboard all the time!

Anonymous says:
Love the dreads yo! Girls with dreads are my weakness, and you snowboard. Perf.

Lol thank you :)

Me, two and a half months ago.

classicdiamond says:
What do use on your dreads i've had mine for a almost 3 months now ,and they don't look at neat as yours :(

It just takes patience and a lot of work. Just make sure that you don’t over work them, especially with the crochet hook as it can damage hair after doing it too much. I pretty much wash my dreads once or twice a week with a residue free shampoo. It’s the ‘Jamaican Mango &Lime Tingle Shampoo’ I got off Amazon. No conditioner. No wax. Then I just palm roll them while they’re still a little bit damp. Then every couple-few weeks I’ll take my 1.3mm crochet hook and pull all the loose hairs back into the dreads. Some days just look better than others, it’s just that way. But I’d say time mostly. That’s just what I do with mine so far.

Wrapping a bandana inside my dreads, yes :)

I like these beads :)

My dreads back at 4 months.

Here’s a photo of my dreads 2 weeks ago when they turned 4 months old :). Yea for dreadheads!

Me exploring Red Lodge Mountain a few days ago. So weird being up there when there isn’t any snow. I can’t wait to snowboard!

Chilling out with a friend, Ashley. This was taken up on Red Lodge Mountain a few days ago. It was so different seeing it without the snow. Crazy. I can;t wait to snowboard again!

Me working(driving my mail route)